Volkswagen Sucks: Part 2

The ignition on my 2011 VW Jetta sticks.  Approximately February 2013, one of my keys broke.  The keys are the ones where you press a button and the metal part of the key that goes in the ignition flips out.  The sticky ignition caused the metal part of the key to break off the remote part.  I was able to continue to use it by leaving the metal in the ignition and using the slot in the remote to turn the key in the ignition.

This was fine for a while, until the slot in the remote became too damaged to turn the metal.  So I switched to the spare key.  In due time, the metal part broke off the remote.  When I took the car in for service and inspection in late June, I told them about the key issue.  I was quoted over $700 to replace the ignition and keys.  The car was at about 55,000 miles and the basic warranty is only good to 36,000 miles, so I was on my own.  To which I said, oh hell no, I’m not paying that much money to fix something that should not have broken.

Everything was tolerable for another month or so (mid-July) when I was running errands.  My spare remote became too damaged to turn the key.  I had to leave the car running outside a hardware store while I ran in to buy pliers.

I contacted Volkswagen Customer Care (I can only assume the “care” part is VW joke).  They reiterated the “you’re past the 36,000 mile warranty, sucks to be you” line.

One thought on “Volkswagen Sucks: Part 2

  1. Jack Alltrades

    Vw. Will back out of very thing that can shut up and pay. Cars are made cheaper now and thay
    Suck. Last one for me never again. ………


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