Volkswagen Sucks: Part 1

I bought a new VW Jetta on June 30, 2011.  It has been nothing but trouble.

The 12v adapters have never worked.  I know, I know, it’s my fault for not doing anything about it.  Silly me, I thought that a brand new car would be fully functional, so when my car charger didn’t work, I foolishly assumed that the problem was my charger.  I didn’t feel the need to buy a new charger, so the nonfunctioning adapters went unnoticed until July 2, 2013 when I upgraded my cell phone and got a new car charger.  Surprise, it doesn’t work!


What kind of company sells cars that don’t work properly when they’re new?

3 thoughts on “Volkswagen Sucks: Part 1

  1. Dan

    I once had a VW Golf with relatively low miles. Nothing but TROUBLE. It was in the shop every TWO MONTHS. And as we all know, VWs aren’t the cheapest cars to work on. I eventually got rid of that POS and will NEVER EVER buy another VW product again. Ever. I transitioned into a Toyota vehicle and have had a wonderful, reliable driving experience ever since.

  2. Carlos

    I recently bought the Jetta TDI and have not had any problems.
    To make sure, I purchased the 100,000 mile warranty.

    I’m thinking trading my Nissan for a GTI Driver’s edition. Again..100,000
    mile warranty will have to be purchased (just in case).

    Overall, so far so good and I think VW is doing well compared to others like

    I don’t disagree with your post, I’ve seen issues with the Golf and Non-Diesel Jetta.
    You may want to contact a company like (Gieco) and see if they offer any mechanical
    protection. I pay a small fee for my mother’s 2006 Nissan Sentra which has over 100,000
    miles on it.

    Hope all goes well. Check out:
    for more posts. Mainly Non-TDI Jetta’s.


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