Katie Fox of Volkswagen Group of America is a liar.

Yes, Volkswagen employs liars.

On Friday, August 23 I spoke with Katie Fox from Volkswagen.  While explaining why they would be doing nothing about the situation, she informed me that they do occasionally offer goodwill assistance and several factors are considered, including maintenance (or something like that).

Me:  I’ve done all my maintenance.

KF:  Where?

Me:  [Dealership], where I bought it.

KF:  I spoke to M at [dealership] and he said you have not been in since your 30,000 mile service.

Me:  No, I have been in for the 40,000 and 50,000 mile services.

KF:  Well, M said you haven’t had anything since the 30,000 mile service.

Me:  Then he lied to you and I will be having words with M and finding out why he’s telling you that I have not been in since the 30,000 mile service.


Fast forward to about 30 minutes after I got off the phone with Ms. Fox, M from the dealership called….

Me:  So, I understand that you’ve been lying to Volkswagen about me?

M:  What?

Me:  You told Volkswagen that I have not been in since my 30,000 mile service?  I have been in for the 40,000 and 50,000 mile services. Why did you tell Volkswagen that I haven’t been getting my service done?
M:  I did not tell her that, I told her that you’ve been in for the 40,000 and 50,000; you might not have gotten everything done, but you have been getting the service done.


I have been in regular contact with the folks at the dealership, so I have no reason to think M told me anything but the truth.  There would be no reason for him to lie to either Volkswagen or me.

I find it absolutely appalling that VW employs someone who blatantly lies to customers, and one whose lies make the dealership look bad.

Also, Ms. Fox is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of loyalty.  According to Ms. Fox, another reason I do not deserve goodwill assistance is because I am not loyal to the brand.


Ms. Fox, VW…. this car was my first Volkswagen.  How could I possibly be loyal to a brand that has caused me nothing but trouble?  Are you genuinely unaware that loyalty is something that must be earned?  The first time I contacted VW regarding my problems, they refused to offer any sort of assistance.


I can only assume that Volkswagen wants its customers to behave like battered women, loyal and loving to a partner who does not deserve it.  They sell a lemon, refuse assistance, and then complain that the customer is not loyal.  Who would be loyal?

9 thoughts on “Katie Fox of Volkswagen Group of America is a liar.

  1. Meg Carp

    THIS IS THE SAME thing that is happening to me. I’ve had the car, my first volkswagen, purchased new at the dealership and it’s been nothing but a problem since I bought it. Got the same crap from the same woman. It’s disgusting!!!

  2. M Chavez

    I purchased a certified 2006 New Beetle Covertible from an authorized VW dealer and currently have issues related to a faulty transmission valve body. The vehicle has problems shifting from first gear to second gear when engine/transmission is hot. VW failed to notify me of an available extended warranty of a recognized problem. VW has refused any repairs or financial assistance, I too reached out to Katie Fox and her response was “it is our hope the previous owners pass the information to you”. This is unacceptable and I was appalled by her response. This vehicle was purchased from a authorized VW dealer NOT from a corner used car lot or private seller. I am completely disgusted with VW and Katie Fox. It’s clear VW does not stand behind their product, this is my first and last VW purchase. Word of mouth may be considered the best (and worst) type of advertising. This vehicle has been everything but “Farfegnugen”

  3. Bob

    I feel your pain. My first vw was a 2001 1/2 Passat – it was a fantastic car that lasted 11 years. Sadly, I traded it for a 2012 Jetta TDI “Premium”. The Jetta was the worst car I ever owned.

    It was a 6-speed manual that had a 5-speed gearshift knob – that took months to have fixed. VW once told me that reverse was a gear, so the gearshift knob was correct.

    Then it would stall all the time, at highway speeds, which took many more months to fix. The windshields kept cracking in the same place every time I would hit a pothole – VW would not fix that, but the dealer did after I threatened them with a lawsuit. However neither would fix the 2nd or 3rd cracked windshield. By then I took it to an auto-body shop, and they fixed the spur on the A-pillar that kept causing the cracks.

    The front bumper cover would not stay on – vw refused to fix that.

    And I can go on and on and on, but won’t. I finally bit the bullet and took a huge equity hit by trading it off after owning it only 19 months for a 2014 Mazda 6. I’ve owned the Mazda now for 5 months with zero problems.

    My favorite quote by VW CC the last time I called them for not honoring the warranty: “Well, if you ever need us we are here for you…” liars. I will never buy anything built by VW again: not VW, not Audi, not Porsche, not Bentley, not Lamborghini, not Bugatti.

    I wish you good luck.

  4. Lyusi

    They all lie! We have Jetta and a Passat, currently the Passat has a headliner coming down, paint falling off the roof and the hood, chrome inside the car coming off. The dealership, same one who sold me the car offered to buy it back for $2900…. trade in is $7000 or so right now but since it has been in the shop so many times they cannot pay as much for it. I guess joke’s on me. the Jetta was somewhat a spare care at 20k miles still under 5y warranty the headliner was replaces I almost had to beg. They put a nice size hole in the back seat screwdriver I guess. according to them it was like that before they got it. joke is on me again. At the same time the clear coat on the wheels start to come off but not the edges right at the middle but the VW Fairfax manager said; “you put stuff on them” but not all just 2. joke’s on me again. When I got angry I assume this is not a normal reaction I was told to come down because I will be thrown out so fast I wouldn’t know where I am. That is how VW operates in general that is why the warranty now is not 50k but 36k miles and 3 years instead of 5. Which is all the same VW sucks with the warranty anyway.

  5. Phil

    oh but the “German Engineering”…lol. We know better. How dare some dumb-ass American question our authority.

  6. Phil

    Oh and whats with all the 20k, 30k, 40k mileage checks. My last 4 cars were all Toyotas. Other than oil changes, I didn’t check a thing for 100k miles. Didn’t do plugs EVER. These “checks” that VW demands are nothing but pure gravy for the dealer. Man, its 2014 dude, cars don’t need “checks” ever 10 k miles.

  7. Tony Y

    Thought I had a bad go of it at my local VW dealer, least they didn’t break my car :(
    But Ms. Fox stepped in and did make sure that I was once again a happy VW owner. I have nothing, but very high praise for her because out of all the emails going back and forth, giving me same ol canned responses over and over. She was the one who finally picked up a phone and called to get the whole story.

  8. M Chavez

    “Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Are Affected in Diesel Deception” – CNN
    “Criminal probe opened into Volkswagen, stock plunges” – USA Today

    Karma is a bitch!


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