Volkswagen: Building illogical clunkers for way too long.

When POS Jetta ran out of gas, it continued to use battery until that died too.  What does this mean?

Well, the thing that’s really pissing me off right now is that no battery = no trunk release.  And because Volkswagen believes in making things as stupid and useless as possible, there is no key hole at the trunk.  The trunk can be opened one of three ways:  1.  Using the trunk release on the remote.  2.  Using power locks to unlock all doors, then using the press latch above the license plate (I have no idea what that is called, but you know what I mean).  3.  Using the trunk release inside the driver side door.

You know what all three of these methods require?  Battery power.  You know what I don’t have?  Battery power.

(I know there is probably some way to get in through the back seat, but there’s no reason for it to be that difficult.  There really needs to be a way to open the trunk which does not require power.)

There’s another problem with moronic VW’s car design…  Only the driver side door has a key hole for manual locking and unlocking.  In order to open the other doors, I have to crawl around to open them from the inside.  Okay, fine, I can deal with that.

You know where the real Volkswagen idiocy comes in?  There is no way to lock the doors without power.  The driver door can be locked with the key.  The other doors?  Nope.  You know how cars built by people who are not incredibly stupid have little switches that can be pressed or flipped or whatever to manually lock the door?  Not the VW Jetta!  If you don’t have battery power, you have absolutely no way to lock your car.

It’s both moronic and ironic.  I can’t get into my trunk.  I can’t keep anyone out of the rest of the car.

Very impressive, Volkswagen.  I don’t think I could come up with so many ways to screw over car owners.  If only you would use your creativity* for good instead of evil.

*I have to assume that this is indeed creativity, because surely–surely!–a company cannot be owned by and employ so many incredibly stupid people.  There can’t be that many idiots in the world, can there?

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