One thought on “My bumper stickers

  1. John

    My first brand new car purchase was a 1993 Volkswagen Jetta III. I was initially impressed with the car’s dynamics and comfort but….. When I took delivery of my new Jetta it had 1/8th of a tank of fuel in it and the car was very dusty. The dealer didn’t make any provisions to fill the tank or clean the car. Anyway driving home other drivers kept flashing their high beams at me. My high beams were off. I took my new Jetta to the dealer and explained the headlight issue. It turns out the headlights weren’t even aimed in the factory and were pointing straight up! Next problem is that my trunk lid wouldn’t disengage. Took the car beck again and found out the trunk lid was misaligned from the factory. Less than a year later I was opening up my sunroof and I hear creeeeek-crrrack, snap! Took my Jetta to the dealer to find out that the entire sunroof mechanism was fractured. The dealer told me if this happens out of warranty it would cost me $5K to repair! I got my car back with grease on the headliner! Dealer made no motion to clean my headliner. The grease left permanent marks of the hard to clean fabric. Shortly afterwards my backup lights kept failing. To the dealer again to discover that the back up light switch was failing. This happened three times. Back to the dealer for idle problems. Blamed me for it! My Jetta would spontaneously high idle to 3,500 RPM’s in neutral. Told the dealer and they ran tests only to declare the car is “normal.” My Jetta began to develop many squeaks and rattles and other electrical issues. I finally sold my Jetta four years later with 30K on the odometer. I have heard other stories from other VW owners who’ve had lots of issues with their cars. I never, ever put any faith into what auto editors in car magazines have to say about cars because they gloat over VW’s like they’re something sacred. I know for a fact what junk they are. VW’s certainly are a false perception of quality. VW’s might look and feel good early on but…..


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