Volkswagen Sucks: Part 4

Yesterday–Sunday, August 18, 2013–I went to work.  I pulled in, parked, and shut the car off.  Correction:  I attempted to shut the car off.  The key was stuck in the ignition and it would not turn back to shut the car off.  I spent several minutes with my pliers attempting to wiggle and cajole the key into turning without luck.  I had two more people try and fail to turn the car off.

As I had less than 1/4 of a tank of gas, I couldn’t leave it idling for several hours while I did my work, so I took it home and borrowed my parents’ spare vehicle.  I left it at about 7PM.  At some point between 2AM and 8AM, the car finally ran out of gas and turned off.

Now comes the fun stuff.  Trying to get the useless piece of crap to the dealership.  I can turn the key forward, so maybe if I put in some gas and get a jump it will be possible to get it started.

I have been in contact with Volkswagen and have made my expectation clear:  Fix this problem.  I do not hold out much hope, however, hence this website.

5 thoughts on “Volkswagen Sucks: Part 4

    1. admin Post author

      I ended up having to get the ignition replaced and get a new key. Such a load of crap. Might have to post about the dealership experience, though..

  1. Coco

    I’m going fucking crazy. My car just did the same shit. Ruined my whole entire day and I have no way to get to work tomorrow. Story of my life.

  2. Dan

    Volkswagon SUCKS! I had a Golf that I shit you not was in the shop every 2 months. VWs is one of the biggest POS vehicles on the planet. Would never buy another VW, ever. I wouldn’t drive a VW if someone gave one to me new. Been driving a trouble free ultra reliable Toyota Yaris now for years and couldn’t be happier. It’s like a sweet dream compared to the nightmare I had with my former Volkswagon. Never again.

  3. Mohawke

    A couple of months after buying a 2013 Jetta it would magically stall while driving. The warranty covered that but now I have the ignition problem. So far I’m able to turn the car off after messing with the key for awhile but at what point will I be unable to shut the car off and be forced to get it repaired, likely at my expense.

    The most annoying thing I’ve had from day one of ownership is the A/C. It turns itself on whenever it feels like. It especially likes turning on on cold days when I’m running the heater.

    Considering the headliner is beginning to fall off and the inside light was falling off since day one and the body dents if a mosquito sneezes on it, I’m thinking about trading it in rather than continuing to wait for the next $1000 repair.

    I’ll never buy another VW product.


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