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Katie Fox of Volkswagen Group of America is a liar.

Yes, Volkswagen employs liars.

On Friday, August 23 I spoke with Katie Fox from Volkswagen.  While explaining why they would be doing nothing about the situation, she informed me that they do occasionally offer goodwill assistance and several factors are considered, including maintenance (or something like that).

Me:  I’ve done all my maintenance.

KF:  Where?

Me:  [Dealership], where I bought it.

KF:  I spoke to M at [dealership] and he said you have not been in since your 30,000 mile service.

Me:  No, I have been in for the 40,000 and 50,000 mile services.

KF:  Well, M said you haven’t had anything since the 30,000 mile service.

Me:  Then he lied to you and I will be having words with M and finding out why he’s telling you that I have not been in since the 30,000 mile service.


Fast forward to about 30 minutes after I got off the phone with Ms. Fox, M from the dealership called….

Me:  So, I understand that you’ve been lying to Volkswagen about me?

M:  What?

Me:  You told Volkswagen that I have not been in since my 30,000 mile service?  I have been in for the 40,000 and 50,000 mile services. Why did you tell Volkswagen that I haven’t been getting my service done?
M:  I did not tell her that, I told her that you’ve been in for the 40,000 and 50,000; you might not have gotten everything done, but you have been getting the service done.


I have been in regular contact with the folks at the dealership, so I have no reason to think M told me anything but the truth.  There would be no reason for him to lie to either Volkswagen or me.

I find it absolutely appalling that VW employs someone who blatantly lies to customers, and one whose lies make the dealership look bad.

Also, Ms. Fox is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of loyalty.  According to Ms. Fox, another reason I do not deserve goodwill assistance is because I am not loyal to the brand.


Ms. Fox, VW…. this car was my first Volkswagen.  How could I possibly be loyal to a brand that has caused me nothing but trouble?  Are you genuinely unaware that loyalty is something that must be earned?  The first time I contacted VW regarding my problems, they refused to offer any sort of assistance.


I can only assume that Volkswagen wants its customers to behave like battered women, loyal and loving to a partner who does not deserve it.  They sell a lemon, refuse assistance, and then complain that the customer is not loyal.  Who would be loyal?